11 thoughts on “Phish Spring 2020 Rumors

  1. At least a couple shows at Deer Creek Summer 2020 is a strong possibility with Trey stating his absolute love for that venue while playing the Murat last night, 10.26.19.

    • Yeah, Trey really loves Deer Creek, that’s why Phish has played there just once since 2012. Face it, Phish is the “check-cashing” stage of their career, hence they have played MSG 40+ times since 2012, 11 shows in Mexico since 2016.
      Talk is cheap.

    • I absolutely love(d) the Creek too. Drove from Jersey every summer ’97-’00, and ’03 just for the 2 or 3 night run then back. Place was totally legit.

      Then came ’09 and I was amazed and heartbroken simultaneously. The farmland and corn fields around the venue turned into parking lots and condos. If not for the venue itself, I wouldn’t have known where I was. Haven’t been back since, even when they did play the Creek.

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