16 thoughts on “Phish New Years 2018 Rumors

  1. Maybe so or maybe not indeed… with no knowledge of such things… im kinda hoping they’ll do Miami just to mix it up… and i’m born and bred New York City…. MSG is always the easy dream… but sometimes I like the trip…. wishful thinking!!!

  2. They are playing curveball and the Albany shows…I believe last time they played twice in NYC they went to Miami for New Years?

  3. Thank you for this!! Year after year the NYE rumor thread on this site proves to be accurate.. It’s really helpful for planning. TY! =)

  4. My buddy who is working at CEG entertainment said that MSG on 12/28-12/31 is a done deal. Book your hotels now and thank me later.

  5. I want MSG. Already booked flights & hotels for a week in NY. It’s harder to plan for us here in europe…so dont dissappoint me now, guys 😉

  6. A buddy of mine works at CEG Entertainment and confirmed that Phish will be at MSG for 12/28-12/31. That is a promise.

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