19 thoughts on “Phish 2018 Rumors

    • What I originally heard was CID signed a 3 year contract with the venue in Mexico and featured Phish years 1 and 2 and Dead and Company year 3 ( 2018). So maybe 2019ish.

    • Highly unlikely, unless it’s later in the year.

      Mexico #1 was announced early fall(?) and I remember peeps complaining they had already put out for Dick’s and prepared for NYE. Which left them without much capital for Mexico.

      Mexico #2 was announced late spring during tax refund season. This allowed most to just forward their “found money” towards the trip.

  1. I live in Watkins Glen. Have heard from Sherrif’s office connection that they are stockpiling human resources, from this county and others, for a weekend in August at the track (not NASCAR). The Indy Car series was also cancelled for 2018 due to scheduling issues. Watkins Glen Harbor Hotel completely blocked out third week of August.

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