Phish NYE 2017 Rumors

2 Nights San Francisco Bill Graham  + 2 Nights LA Forum

4 nights MSG

or 4 nights miami


TAB: Vegas Halloween weekend 10/26-27 + LA 10/31

75 thoughts on “Phish NYE 2017 Rumors

    • Cotter I can’t believe I saw this post – so funny – I would love West Coast, too. I’m hoping some place beside Miami- anyway, we’ll make it a family event just like Bakers Dozen. Aunt Dane

  1. Spoke with an usher over the last NYE run and they said contract was signed for 17 nights which would add up with the Bakers and NYE again

    • Lol why would an usher have any idea of the contract negotiations going on? If people at the level of usher knew about stuff like this, nothing would ever be kept under wraps. Dude was messing with you…get real.

        • and of course we didn’t believe him and told him to “get real” when he said 13 nights at MSG in the Summer.. but… here they are… and here he stands in the aisle as an usher.

      • Sorry I heard that too last night… sorry if you haven’t been able to make it to the BD shows but that’s where they are doing NYE

    • Good Lord, NO! Chicago is usually miserable in the winter. Zero chance. As an Illinois resident, I hope Phish never plays Chicago again.

      • Right on, Josie! As a Chicago resident, I feel your pain. It totally sucks when Phish plays near your home. Especially when that hometown is easily accessible by phans from all parts of the country.

        If you’re reading this, Trey, Chicago is off the board! Josie says so. It’s cold in the winter there. She knows because she definitely lives in Illinois.

      • I’m assuming that’s because of your hard on for Alpine, and not because you can’t enjoy all the amenities of Chicago out of some misguided fear to leave the cornfields and join the rest of us, is it?

  2. Was close to sound board last night during set break. Could hear CK5 talking to a older women mentioning West Coast Dates. Do not think he was talking about Bieber.. take it for what its worth.

  3. I think the venue in Coney Island would be perfect.
    I am going to the donuts shows at MSG in July, and I have written a note to the band, to please come to Coney Island fr NeeYears Eve, I will ask the securiy guard to hand them the note! How is that for being clever!?

  4. As of 7/31/17, from a very reliable source close to the booking agent, MSG NYE is essentially a done deal.

    Hard to believe after the BD run but apparently this MSG NYE is happening.

  5. NYE @ MSG is a definite…overheard Kuroda confirming it with some friends in MSG hospitality over Baker’s Dozen. See you in the city!

  6. …was just at last night of Baker’s Dozen. Multiple ushers said “see you at New Year’s” for what it’s worth. Enjoy!

  7. No 2018 pages yet, but might as well stir the pot. We need something to feed the BD withdrawal, yes??

    During BD I heard inklings of Watkins Glen 2018. Came from a source who spoke of BD well over a year ago.

  8. Well, with the NBA schedule out and no home games by either Knicks or Rangers from 12-28 to 1-1, as well as a Heat home game on 12-29, I’d say it’s safe to say it’s at MSG if there is a NYE run. 17 in ’17.

  9. MSG again I’ve seen every show there I have to admit after doing the bakers dozen run I’m sick of MSG please phish play something different for New Years

  10. Jerry’s right. MSG is fun, but there are so many other places to enjoy a New Years run. They should consider a West Coast venue so the fans from there can get a piece of the action without having to leave town

    • “without having to leave town” ?!?

      There are like 4 major West Coast cities the Phish would play for such an event, and there’s at least 1,000 miles between most of them. Just saying.

  11. You gotta think eventually they will do a West Coast New Years run during their long ass career. They’ve done all sorts of gigs & gags, why not mix it up in 2018 for a change? MSG is great but enough is enough. Also, still waiting on Phish in Hawaii. They teased it in 1997 @ the centrum and here it is 20 years later…

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